Feras Awaysheh Mahmoud (فراس العوايشة-ابو الناجي)



I obtained a BSc in Software Engineering from Al Balqa 'Applied University (BAU) in 2008 and MSc Degree from New York Institute of Technology (NYiT) With Honor at 2010. Majoring in Computer Networks and Information Security.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) - in CiTiUS research center, under the supervision of Dr. José C. Cabaleiro and Dr. Thomas F. Pena. Working on distributed computation of Big Data workloads among various environments that includes large-scale clusters, Cloud Computing and Grid Computing.

My main research interests cover related technologies, while also includes: Big Data (BD) architects and data plumbing in Clouds and High-performance Computing, the development of applications and middleware for optimizing the scheduling of (Data / computing-intensive) tasks. Also, developing Apache Hadoop (and its ecosystem) QoS and performance, aside, MapReduce implementation, Linux containers technology (Docker) and Data Center's infrastructure and security in general. 

Apart from that, I recognize myself as an outgoing person. My hobbies include mountain hiking and rock climbing. This helped me understand better how to face critical situations, where I need to be advanced with unflinching determination and taught me that to reach higher peaks; I needed to follow my heart sometimes and considered all the paths to the top.


Espazo: Laboratorio S3
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