Scientific Programs

The Scientific Programs are a picture of our Center’s R&D activity. Through them we design new research projects that will involve scientists specialized in different topics.

Currently there are 6 Scientific Programs running. All of them have set a medium term strategy and well-defined work objectives. The continuity of these Scientific Programs depends not only on their degree of activity, but also on the scientific relevance of their area in the IT field. These research lines are a commitment of the Center, and they will evolve over time in order to keep CiTIUS research in the areas of greatest scientific interest.

Improving the performance and the availability of computational resources

Personalized health care to improve quality of care

Efficient management of large data volumes of different nature and complexity

Maximizing the value of structured and unstructured data

More social and interactive robots, able to learn and to adapt themselves to their environment

Techniques for the automatic interpretation of images and of real situations