Discovering Latent Depression Patterns in Online Social Media

TítuloDiscovering Latent Depression Patterns in Online Social Media
AutoresEsteban Andrés Ríssola, David E. Losada, Fabio Crestani
TipoComunicación para congreso
Fonte 10th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Padua (Italia),, pp. 13-16 , 2019.
AbstractMental health disorders are a major concern worldwide. However many cases still go undetected. Due to their increasing popularity, online social media sites became promising means to develop innovative methods of detecting such mental disorders. In this work, we present our research towards building automatic early detection systems based on user-generated content. Our experimental results on a real-world dataset reveals evidence that building such systems is viable and can provide promising results.
Palabras chaveDepression, Social Meida