Discrete Time Cellular Non-linear Networks Implementation over FPGA

TítuloDiscrete Time Cellular Non-linear Networks Implementation over FPGA
AutoresJordi Albó -Canals, N.A. Fernández-García, Jordi Riera-Baburés, Víctor M. Brea, Diego Cabello
TipoComunicación para congreso
Fonte XXIII Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, Grenoble (France), 2000.
AbstractThis paper introduces a parallel Cellular Non-linear Network implementation on an FPGA. Such an approach is intended for speeding-up early-vision applications, mainly in images with low resolution (≤ 50 × 50). Bigger images can be processed with an efficient computation time by means of windowing. Our implementation has been realized over an Altera Stratix-EP1S25F672 FPGA achieving a parallel implementation of a 25 × 25 effective grid.
Palabras chaveDiscrete-Time Cellular Non-linear Networks, FPGA, Gray-scale Processing, Early Vision

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