Heterogeneous sensor data integration for crowdsensing applications

TítuloHeterogeneous sensor data integration for crowdsensing applications
AutoresVillarroya S., Martínez D., Vilar M., Viqueira J.R.R., Taboada J.A., Cotos J.M.
TipoComunicación para congreso
Fonte 18th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium, Porto, Portugal, 2014.
AbstractThis paper describes a conceptual solution for heterogeneous sensor data integration in crowdsensing applications and one experimental implementation for a health monitoring system in an educational environment using a low cost hardware solution. Three kinds of protocols are integrated in this solution: HL7 for medical data, Observations and Measurements model for environmental data and BACnet for buildings monitoring. This last protocol has the particularity that manages sensoring and acting. A Common Data Model is described for the integration of three kinds of data and protocols, and a validation test application is described.
Palabras chavecloud platform, crowdsensing applications, heterogeneous data collection, sensor data logging