Semantic description of the Experience API Specification

TítuloSemantic description of the Experience API Specification
AutoresJuan C. Vidal, Thomas Rabelo, Manuel Lama
TipoPoster para congreso
Fonte 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Hualien (Taiwan), IEEE Press, pp. 268-269 , 2015.
AbstractCapturing and storing learners’ data is the first step to implement a learning analytics architecture. The Experience API (xAPI) specification is a de facto standard that describes (i) a REST-based API to store and retrieve the learners’ activity data, and (ii) an RDF-based data model where the restrictions among data are specified in natural language. In this paper, we present an ontology that formally represents both the data model and the restrictions of the xAPI specification, facilitating the conformance testing of the data coming from the learning management system to guarantee the compliance with the specification.