Lecture: 'Prioritizing design smells for maintenance purposes: concepts and types, existing approaches and detection tools'

martes, 10 maio, 2022 -
10:00 - 11:30
Salón de actos del CiTIUS - Virtual (evento híbrido)
Khalid Alkharabsheh (Al-Balqa Applied University, BAU - Jordan)

Software quality is one of the most important concerns of the software engineering community. Precisely, maintaining the quality of software involves exercising continuous activities that assist in the identification and detection of poor programming practices or bad designs in software systems, which are referred to as ‘‘Design Smells’’. Design smells do not produce compilation or run-time errors but have a negative impact on different software quality features, Especially, maintainability.  The efforts required to maintain software are known as "Technical Debt". One of the most important factors contributing to technical debt is the presence of Design Smells. The existence of the high technical debt in software, makes the development and maintenance too slow and laborious. At this conference, we will introduce the Design smell Definition, concepts, and types, existing approaches, and the applied techniques, detection tools, and prioritizing design smells for maintenance purposes.

Khalid Alkharabsheh is assistant professor  at Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU). He was appointed as a lecturer at this University (BAU) in September 2006 and won an Erasmus Mundus grant to pursue his Ph.D. in 2014 at Santiago de Compostela University in Spain. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 2019. Dr. Alkharabsheh was appointed as the head of the software engineering department from 2021 to date at BAU. Alkharabsheh's research interests include machine learning, big data, software quality, empirical software engineering, software validation and verification, and Design Smell Detection. He is currently working with different research teams and committees.