PhD Defense: 'Development of electronics for the velo upgrade detector'

martes, 24 novembro, 2020 -
10:00 - 12:00
Microsoft Teams
Antonio Fernández Prieto (CiTIUS predoctoral researcher)
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The goal of the doctoral thesis is to verify the correct operation of the chain of reading of the new detector vertex of the experiment LHCb and participate in its construction and installation. Initially it will be necessary to define the tests and systems to be used for the functioning test. The first chips of the initial version will microweld to a card of test and its basic functionalities will be proved. Once discarded errors in the design will proceed with the production of more wafers on which to perform non-destructive testing of the chip, this will require a new card with test leads.

The chips have to be characterized in categories in accordance with its signal response, noise, temperature, etc. Acquisition systems will be performed into evaluation cards of high capacity FPGA, as the Virtex7 from Xilinx, and later with the prototypes of the system of experiment as the MiniDAQ or the PCl40e data acquisition. Has to be developed in collaboration with other groups involved in these tasks the code VHDL that controls the FPGAs in domain of the real-time and the code C and Python to computational. The reading chain will be tested in the laboratory with lasers and radioactive sources and in particle beam. Once verified the proper functioning of the prototypes will be the final production of the chip and the cards of acquisition and integration of the same in the experiment. Finally the installation of the detector will take place in the LHCb pit and its starting.

Supervisors: Víctor Manuel Brea Sánchez and Pablo Vázquez Regueiro