Summer School: 'Keyword search in Big Linked Data'

luns, 18 xullo, 2016 - 09:00 - venres, 22 xullo, 2016 - 18:00
martes, 19 xullo, 2016 -
09:00 - 18:00
mércores, 20 xullo, 2016 -
09:00 - 18:00
xoves, 21 xullo, 2016 -
09:00 - 18:00
venres, 22 xullo, 2016 -
09:00 - 18:00
CiTIUS - Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñería (ETSE)
Asunción Gómez-Pérez - Laura Po - Mihai Lupu - Genoveva Vargas-Solar - Elena Demidova - Ranka Stankovic - Sergej Zerr - Mauro Dragoni

This Summer School, organized by CiTIUS in collaboration with SID-UNIZAR, LBD - UDC and the IC1302 COST Action Keystone, will be held at the center from 18 to 22 July 2016.

The 2nd KEYSTONE Training School on Keyword search in Big Linked Data is a research-training event for graduates and postgraduates in the beginning of their academic careers, focused on giving them in-depth exposure to the exciting and fast-developing areas related to Keyword search in Big Linked Data.

During different keynote talks, lectures and hands-on sessions, renowned academics and experts in the fields of Big Data, Linked Data, NLP, Semantic Web or IR will explore a large spectrum of current exciting research, development and innovation related to various research areas and society itself.

PROGRAM (View online program)

  • Keynote Speaker: Asunción Gómez-Pérez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES)
  • Exploration, Visualization and Querying of Linked Open Data sources (Laura Po - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, IT).
  • Information Retrieval Evaluation (Mihai Lupu - Vienna University of Technology, AT).
  • Big data storage and analytics, including network science and graph stores (Genoveva Vargas-Solar - Research Scientist, CNRS, FR).
  • Interactive keyword-based access to large-scale structured datasets (Elena Demidova - University of Southampton, UK).
  • Semantic annotation and expansion for keyword queries (Ranka Stankovic - University of Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Collective Intelligence: Crowdsourcing groundtruth data for large scale evaluation in Information Retrieval (Sergej Zerr - University of Southampton, UK)
  • Aggregating Multiple Dimensions for Computing Document Relevance (Mauro Dragoni - Fondazione Bruno Kessler, IT).


For more information, please send an email to or visit the official website of the event.