Exploiting Data Compression in Collective I/O Techniques

TítuloExploiting Data Compression in Collective I/O Techniques
AutoresRosa Filgueira, David E. Singh, Juan C. Pichel, Jesús Carretero
TipoComunicación para congreso
Fonte 2008 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, Tsukuba (Japan), IEEE, pp. 479-485 , 2008.
AbstractThis paper presents Two-Phase Compressed I/O (TPC I/O,) an optimization of the Two-Phase collective I/O technique from ROMIO, the most popular MPI-IO implemen- tation. In order to reduce network traffic, TPC I/O employs LZO algorithm to compress and decompress exchanged data in the inter-node communication operations. The compression algorithm has been fully implemented in the MPI collective technique, allowing to dynamically use (or not) compression. Compared with Two-Phase I/O, Two-Phase Compressed I/O obtains important improvements in the overall execution time for many of the considered scenarios.

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